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Nissan Philippines Introduces 2005 X-TRAIL

How extreme can the X-TRAIL become when it comes to looks? Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) answers that question today as it launches the 2005 Nissan X-TRAIL, which is expected to generate a strong following among people looking for an extreme looking compact SUV with extreme performance to match.

Giving the X-TRAIL its updated extreme looks are the Nissan-exclusive Hyper Roof Rail and rugged 5-spoke alloy rims for the 250X. Standard features for all variants are the redesigned Euro-version chrome V-grille, Glittering Side lamps, rear European running lamp, and Baby Fender Mirror. The 200X and the 4 x 2 get a sporty roof spoiler as standard. The 250X also has an Engine Cover in ABS plastic.

All the additions were based on the feedback and suggestions of the X-TRAIL's buyers and owners. While the additions gives the X-TRAIL a more extreme look, a number of the new features are highly functional.

"Essentially, there is nothing to change in the X-TRAIL in so far as mechanicals are concerned, because the 2.5-liter engine of the top-of-the-line 250X provides the zip needed for tarmac driving, and the grunt required for taking treacherous offroad conditions. We only had to upgrade its visual desirability. But they are also functional, aside from making it look extremely good," explained Raymond Tribdino, NMPI Market and Product Planning Manager.

One example of the functional addition to the X-TRAIL 250X is the Hyper Roof Rail. While it gives the 250X a more handsome look, the Hyper Roof Rail is a great driving aid in heavy fog or while cruising dark provincial roads, since it provides as much as 30% more forward illumination. Likewise, the lamps of the Hyper Roof Rail have been angled in such a way that that drivers of vehicles from the opposing lane are not blinded nor distracted by its glare.

NMPI opted to give the X-TRAIL 250X new five-spoke alloy rims with thicker sections, to complement the taller stance created by the addition of the Hyper Roof Rail.

One of the most requested add-ons to the X-TRAIL is the Baby Fender Mirror, which was installed not merely for cosmetic purposes. The Baby Fender Mirror actually originated from offroad use, primarily to assist in clearing large rocks and avoiding ditches.

It found use in the urban setting, particularly in parking a vehicle in tight spaces, traversing narrow streets and reversing between obstacles.

The rear bumper-mounted Euro fog lamps increase the alertness of drivers from the rear.

Following the athletic and robust looks of the X-TRAIL's European cousins, the chrome V-grille gives it the look of the new "Nissan-ness", which is a unique and identifiable look similar to most Nissans worldwide.

"The X-TRAIL has kept much of its competition on its toes," clarifies Mr. Tribdino, "Last year, the X-TRAIL came in a strong second in its segment and only had a 182-unit difference from its closest rival in 2004. That already means a lot considering the X-TRAIL has been in the Philippine market for less than two years, and it had lesser advertising than its competitors."

Underneath the hood of the X-TRAIL are the QR series engines, which are mated to the "All-Mode Four Wheel Drive" system for the 250X and 200X. The system's Auto Mode features a "no-slip on start-ups" technology, which gives the X-TRAIL power on all four wheels when the accelerator pedal is depressed. The X-TRAIL's computer system does the disengaging of 4 x 4 when it is not needed. The advanced selectable all-wheel drive system was derived from the popular race-ready Skyline GTR, and gives the X-TRAIL its excellent onroad handling attributes.

Along with its excellent onroad and offroad handling and acceleration, the X-TRAIL became a best seller in the Philippines because of its comfortable ride, which comes from its aluminum front transverse links along with trapezoidal rear struts and long stroking shock absorbers, which work in unison to stabilize ride and smoothen the bumps.

The 2005 Nissan X-TRAIL can be seen at all authorized Nissan dealerships.

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