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Grand Livina
*NISSAN GRAND LIVINA: The Best In Fuel Economy MPV

When was the last time you embraced the open road and looked forward to a long drive? Where neither distance nor time mattered? A drive that made you feel good about yourself and your car. And with a car that can comfortably seat seven? Nissan brings back the joy of the drive in an all-new active lifestyle vehicle - the car you've always yearned for. Take your family and friends out for a spin. Dare yourself… shift your expectations. What makes an MPV a sedan?

Imagine a vehicle that seats seven but drives like a true sedan. Dream on you say? We believe otherwise.

The Nissan Grand Livina is an all-new vehicle that combines the handling and response of a compact car with the space and accommodation of a Multi-Purpose Vehicle. Coined from the words "LIFE" and "LIVING", the Nissan Grand Livina melds the experience of an active and lively drive of a sedan with a versatile yet stylish MPV form. But we've taken the concept a step further by adding luxury comfort features and a high quality finish to an already fine-tuned package. What results is a totally new and unique driving experience, unheard of in its class.
1.8L XL Elite
1.8L XR Luxury
1.8L XV Elegance
Grand livina brochure
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